False Aralia with White Stoneware Vessel

2018-06-05 12.52.05.jpg
2018-06-05 12.52.05.jpg

False Aralia with White Stoneware Vessel


Schefflera elegantissima have beautifully textured foliage, with deeply serrated leaflets and dimpled petioles and stems. This piece measures 54” high and is paired with an unglazed hand thrown earthenware vessel.

The juvenile plants tend to have more textured foliage, while the adult leaves are more deeply lobed. As far as their performance goes, they are tolerably easy to grow. They need at least moderate humidity to do their best and prefer a narrow range of moisture. Plants that are too dry tend to drop leaves.

Light: They like bright, but not necessarily direct sunlight. Older plants have handsome brown foliage, and the leaf color is affected by overall light levels.

  • Water: False aralia prefer a steady supply of adequate moisture and are actually somewhat picky about it. Good drainage is essential to grow the best plant possible, but don't overwater.

    • liquid fertilizer once or twice during the growing season and not at all during the winter. They do not have heavy fertilizer requirements. Yellowing leaves might indicate a shortage of magnesium, so a bit of Epsom salts might be a good idea.

    • This piece measures 54” high.

    This piece measures 54” high.

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If you don’t possess the greenest of thumbs, don’t worry! There are plenty of low-maintenance houseplants that thrive with just minimal care, and we’re happy to highlight some of them for you.

First up is the oxalis triangularis. The oxalis family is large and varied, With varieties hardy in all climates in the United States, there are two that are also good choices for growing indoors as long-lived houseplants – oxalis triangularis and regnelli. Though both are hardy outdoors in zones 6-11, they adapt well to indoor conditions and thrive indoors year round.  With its fanciful and intriguing purple foliage, let’s take a closer look at oxalis triangularis.

Incredibly long lived, oxalis triangularis often become "heirloom plants" passed down from generation to generation within a family. We often hear customers’ stories of the plants becoming a cherished family tradition. One customer told us she was enjoying the same bulbs as their great, great-grandmother who harvested them as a child 107 years ago! 

Indoors, keep your oxalis triangularis in a sunny spot. You will find the deep purple foliage really brings out the vibrant green of other plants, and the color contrast makes your other houseplants seem to glow with health.