Festoon on Hudson

Flowers• Film• Frivolity •  why not FESTOON your event, home or business?

Getting married and wish the local community center felt more like a whimsical backyard?  How about we festoon the room with a custom canopy of rainbow ribbons, tables of multi-colored vases and wildflowers hand-picked from a local flower farm?

Organizing a fundraiser for your before & after-school program and want to invoke the warm spirit of "home"? How about we project a video of original footage of the children playing in a room festooned with tiffany blue tables and bittersweet vines- and we serve a signature cocktail featuring local pear cider, bourbon and ginger simple syrup?  

Celebrating your 70th birthday and want to add your own flair?  How about we festoon the hall with your favorite colors- pastel tissue paper bunting, mismatched napkins on coral tablecloths and a collection of small vintage vases adorned with a eclectic selection from your garden?

Have a small business featuring fair-trade products and want to celebrate Earth Day?  How about we up-cycle the packing materials from your merchandise and festoon the entrance to your store with over-sized cardboard flowers, styrofoam lettering and vibrant garlands?

When you need help telling your story,  for any occasion...why not FESTOON?



1.a chain or garland of flowers, leaves, or ribbons, hung in a curve as a decoration.


1.adorn (a place) with ribbons, garlands, or other decorations.

synonyms:  grace, glitz, ornament, trim, drape, deck, emblazon, gussy up, beautify, bedeck, embellish, bedizen, fancify, swathe, ornament, garland, swag


1. the practice of glitzing, trimming, gussying up, fancying, bedecking, swaging, bedizening

2. the practice of foraging, filming and finding stories 

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About Kris

I founded Festoon to create individuated events for commercial spaces, weddings, non-profit fundraisers and celebrations of all kinds. Working with Jody Richards, Susanna Bozhkov and other local artists, I provide personalized décor and for interiors and exteriors, combining my history as an artist & filmmaker, my tendency to wander in forests & fields and my impulse to find and tell stories.  

I co-founded Rivertown Films, an award-winning, non-profit organization bringing independent, classic, and foreign films and filmmakers to Rockland County since 2001, and served as Executive Director for three years. I also co-founded and directed Back Door, a music and arts venue in Nyack designed and operated by local teenagers. Additionally, I co-founded and served as Director for LEAP (Liberty Elementary After School Program), coordinating enrichment classes taught by local chefs, artisans, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.  I also served as producer for The Friends of Nyack’s Mostly Music Summer Concert Series.

For the past several years I have been an artist-in-residence at the Edward Hopper House Art Center, where I created a semi-annual multimedia village-wide celebration called Hopper Happens. (hopper happens.org) My multi-media installations have been known to pop-up in diners, factories, elevator shafts, street corners and yes, galleries around Rockland County & New York City.  

Bluefield Farm

After years of using the wildly wonderful flowers from a 10 acre local organic flower farm in Blauvelt, N.Y., I recently started collaborating with farmer/master gardener Joy Macy to bring her seasonal delights to weddings and events as well as the Piermont Farmers Market on Sundays, 9:30am-3pm.    If you want to see what's in season or set up a consultation for your next event stop by our booth.  

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