Piermont Straus is a gallery and book store celebrating Piermont and the Hudson River Valley.

We are open Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Our Story

LAURA STRAUS founded Piermont Straus Gallery, which opened in 2011. Her ceramic studio, Ceramic Eden is also located in the Gallery. Laura is also the founder and president of three non-profit organizations, the Piermont Chamber of Commerce, Rockland Culture, and Piermont Straus Foundation. Laura was a professional photographer for 25 years, and has published ten photography books with Andrews & McMeel and Hearst Publishers, including A Child’s World. In 2002, she won the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Photography and then went on to teach through a NYFA fellowship at Cornell University. This fellowship allowed her to continue her work documenting the American Family. While working as a photographer, she spent 17 years with the Artists Rights Society (ARS), an organization in Manhattan representing the estates of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mark Rothko, and 65,000+ other artists. During her time at ARS, she eventually served the artist membership in the field of product development for all the Museums of America as well as the commercial licensing in this area. She was the auditor for all royalties received from this client group. She has also worked for Magnum Photos and Abbeville Press. Piermont Straus Foundation has collaborated with the Piermont Chamber of Commerce to initiate a series of public art programs, one of which is Art in the Park, an art fair free to artists that was generously supported by Orange & Rockland Utilities from 2013 through 2018. Forming the new Piermont Chamber of Commerce, after the Village’s mayor, Chris Sanders urged the business community to become more active in the wake of Sandy (the Village of Piermont was profoundly effected by this storm) and becoming an organizer has led to Laura’s involvement with Scenic Hudson and the DEC serving on the board of their Piermont Waterfront Resilience Task Force. Her new work in the non-profit sector has been aimed at finding public and private funding for issues related to climate change, public arts, and the promotion of tourism in areas of need.

JOHN ALEXANDER is Laura Staus' husband. He is a Private Banker with over 30 years experience in Latin America, Spain, US and Switzerland. John has a degree in French Literature and Philosophy from Oxford University. He is very happy to help with the gallery, and heads up the Piermont Straus Foundation, a capacity builder for other not for profits involved in the Arts, History and Culture across the Hudson Valley.

Our logo was created my Martin Kase’s branding team, and was inspired by the Piermont Flywheel, a remnant of Piermont, NY’s industrial past located in the Flywheel Park in front of our gallery.

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